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Home Ownership
Pine Cay, Turks and Caicos, BWI

The Pine Cay Homeowners Association welcomes applications for Regular Membership from individuals who wish to purchase property on Pine Cay and who have developed an appreciation for the purposes and goals of the Association.

Philosophy of the Pine Cay Homeowners Association

Members of the Pine Cay Homeowners Association are a diverse group, consisting of many different nationalities and backgrounds. We welcome diversity, but share common goals with respect to Pine Cay and our lifestyle here. Pine Cay and the Meridian Club are unique in this day and age. We govern the island ourselves with the objective of enjoying its peaceful, healthy, natural environment as long as we can and leaving it unspoiled for our children and others to enjoy. Emphasis is on a congenial low-key lifestyle with respect for the privacy of fellow members.

We make a sincere effort to be environmentally sensitive:

  • We retain large areas of dedicated "green space"
  • We do not allow gasoline-powered vehicles on the island for land transportation
  • We use rainwater catchment systems
  • We apply new technology to reduce energy consumption wherever possible

Mandatory Membership

Purchasers must become members of the Pine Cay Homeowners Association in order to enjoy privileges at The Meridian Club and avail themselves of maintenance, transportation, housekeeping, gardening, and other services provided by the Club staff. In addition to an initiation fee, all members pay annual dues. To be considered for membership, a prospective buyer must first become acquainted with most of the current members and demonstrate an appreciation for the ideals of the Association.

Several visits to Pine Cay and discussions with Association Board members will aid in understanding the obligations of membership.